Dental Implants

When a patient is missing a tooth or has a tooth that needs to be removed, there are several options to replace the tooth.  In modern dentistry, a dental implant is often the best choice.  Dental implants have many advantages over other treatment options. Dental implants last a very long time, and the teeth next to the implant are left undisturbed.  The final result is a new tooth, or set of teeth, that feel just like the original.  Implants are very versatile as well: they can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to replace all of the teeth.  For patients who wear dentures that move around, implants can be used to stabilize the dentures so that they “snap in” and patients no longer have to use messy adhesive.

At Presidio Dental, our patients are fortunate because all phases of their implant treatment, including the surgical placement, are performed in our office by Dr. Engle.  Dr. Engle is an “implant dentist” which means that he is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of implant dentistry.  Dr. Engle has completed extensive additional training in implant dentistry over the past ten years, including a one year fellowship in implant surgery and restoration.  Dr. Engle utilizes a cone beam CT scanner (located in our office) to acquire a 3D model of the patient’s jaw prior to every implant surgery.  This allows Dr. Engle to perform the surgeries “virtually” before the actual surgery, ensuring proper implant size and location.  The end goal of our implant treatments is to provide patients with natural looking teeth that allow them to function and smile with confidence!