State of the Art Technology

Presidio Dental is a state of the art dental facility.  We are a fully digital, paperless office.  All of our x-rays are taken digitally for instant results and only a fraction of the radiation compared to traditional film x-rays.  We also utilize digital photography to provide the highest level of care possible.  We take a full set of digital photos on every new patient, and we utilize a small intraoral camera as well to take high magnification photos of problem teeth.  We have flat screen TV’s mounted on every dental chair, which we use to educate our patients and show them photographs and x-rays of their teeth.  When providing treatment, we switch the input and our patients can enjoy cable television shows of their choice for a more entertaining and relaxing experience.

One of our most exciting pieces of equipment is our 3D scanner known as a Cone Beam or CBCT.  This is the dental version of a CT scanner which allows us create 3D images of our patients’ teeth and jaws.  We utilize this technology for planning for our dental implant surgeries, as well as to detect problems that are undetectable by conventional x-ray.  We are one of the only dental offices in Tucson that has this advanced technology.

We also utilize several small devices that allow us to provide excellent care.  These include a laser that is able to detect cavities below the tooth surface, a laser that gently sculpts gum tissue, and an anesthesia machine that allows us to numb teeth without using the traditional syringe and needle. (It is great for everyone, but especially for kids….they don’t even know that they got a shot!)

Dr. Engle is committed to keeping Presidio Dental a state of the art practice, because he knows how much more comfortable and precise it can make treatment. It’s part of how we always put our patients first!